Acceptances - MayaSwara

27 January 2012: Sometimes, you like it or not, things affect us in many ways changing us from deep inside, changing our perspectives, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worst. Mostly we deal with them badly due to our non dynamic nature, we like to live in our layers of dream and fantasy and forget what is real and how tiny events can carve a character of us. Sometimes even if we don't like, we have to take it, bear it, live in it and live with it.
Some of such acceptances are musically represented here, only an effort. What i know is too little, the more i know, i know that i know too little. Accept what comes to you for that is the only way you can affect it as it affects you.

Special thanks to Jannice Svensson, Naveen Nagesh, Malin Lunderquist and Sara Olsson for their support and encouragement. If you want to use our work commercially or otherwise, contact us.


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Falling ill This video was done to show an example of how a Swedish language presentation is evaluated. It was shot in Västerås, Sweden