Appearances - MayaSwara

28 July 2012: What appears to be something is not what it appears to be. Appearances like to deceive, impress, brag, laugh & taunt you all the time. Some do it for conformity, some do it for attention & ego. Look beyond these appearances, seek the true self of self and others, as that is what matters. What is in, is in there for a reason which is the true character & that is what makes one beautiful. Appearances disappear!

With this album, MayaSwara is happy to have artists like Naveen Nagesh & Sandeep H R. Thanks to Summer Wilder from USA for designing the wonderful album cover. Special thanks to Jannice Svensson, Naveen, Sandeep & Crystal Guo.

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This album is also available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and other major online music stores




Make beer, not war! This video contains music from this album. The video was shot by us in Croatia.