Enemies of Peace

Enemies of Peace - MayaSwara

25 Dec 2016: The questions of peace seekers, the truth seekers are always hard for there are enemies of truth, enemies of peace, among us and within us. From the fight with our own ego to the fight with the collective ego of the society, we struggle to find the truth, to find peace. Do we want to pursue the truth, do we want to seek peace or do we want to be enemies of peace? Time to wake up!

This single track album is MayaSwara's first of it's kind and we collaborate with a few talented artists!

Rimen AKA Riyaz from India is a Limca book record holder for 10 hours of beatboxing, a rapper and a model. While pursuing his studies, Rimen performs often at various musical events across Bangalore, India. He has rapped and penned the wonderful lyrics for this track

Dimple Angelin from India is a singer and a popular model who has collaborated with Hip Hop Kannadigaru in their latest album "KA-01". Dimple has rendered her vocals for the chorus of the track.

Shiv from bangalore, is a cinematographer, usually busy with Sandalwood film projects and music videos for various artists. He has rendered his filmmaking skills for our music video.

MayaSwara is very thankful and glad for all the collaboration we have had to get this album done. Thanks to crew of Inner Space studio and Basement tapes studio. Heartfelt thanks to MC Bijju, for being there during the filming and helping us. Thanks to Murugendrappa for arranging lights, Pavan Shandilya for the props for making of the video. A very special Thanks to Ellie for her painting which is the album cover art. Please do check her wonderful creative work!

And last but not the least thanks to all my "friends & family " who have given their love and support and made us stronger in our journey.

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