Grievances - MayaSwara

16 Aug 2016: Grief has various forms and affects us in various ways. How one handles grief is upto their own unique nature. Grievances is a look into the various stages of grief viz., Denial, anger, begging, death of grief and acceptance. These steps can go in an endless circle. Being aware of them can help one to overcome grief and learn and rejoice the good memories of a loss rather than suffer it as pain. Remember! Grievances makes us only stronger!

With this album, we introduce and promote a few artist friends.

Monjyoti Bhattacharyya from India is a singer, guitarist and a composer. He performs almost everyday and is seen at musical events across Bangalore, India. He has composed the track "Coming to Light (Intro)"

Rupam Sil from India is a singer, guitarist and a composer. He teaches guitar and performs everyday at various places in Bangalore. He has written, composed and sung "Prayers".

Sthuthi Bhat from India, currently living in USA is a trained Carnatic singer. She has composed and rendered her vocals for the song "Heartfelt Plea"
Pandit Harvinder Singh is a well known Sitarist and musician, whose music and philosophy has inspired and brought light to many. He has composed and played violin for the song "Acceptance of Death"

Aneesh Vidyashankar is a string star who is popular with his "Glow bow", walking wireless violin performances. He has presented his unique blend of Carnatic and western music fusion in over 600 shows across the world. He has composed the main violin melody for the title track "Grievances"

MayaSwara is very thankful and glad for all the collaboration we have had to get this album done. Thanks to family and friends for their extended support throughout. Special Thanks to Tanya Makarkina for her painting which is the album cover art.

And last but not the least "everyone" who has given their support and made us stronger in our journey.

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